Brink Design: Game Box

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The Game Box is designed for use while playing Dungeons and Dragons, but can be used for most other RPG games. The Game Box includes the following:

* Game Master Screen with integrated dice tower, note storage, two additional drawers, initiative tracker (26 dry erase tokens), and three screens for your own notes – also available as a stand-alone version
* 25mm (1”) square grid playing surface
* Collapsible walls – Rocky, Medieval Urban, and Vegetation
* Miniature storage – 6 large (50mm base), 24 medium (25mm base), 16 small (20mm base)
* 3 dice towers for players
* Drawers for additional storage
* 44 condition tokens
* Leather shoulder strap

Note: Product comes unassembled and unpainted. Engravings on the final product will differ that on the photos due to copyrighted material. Miniatures are for display only and not included in the product.

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