Malifaux Arcanists: Brutal Effigy

Malifaux Arcanists: Brutal Effigy

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When the Brutal Effigy was first spotted clip-clopping about Malifaux City the Governor-General's reaction was to put out a bounty for its destruction, and a reward for the arrest of its creator. Lucius Mattheson stayed that order, sensing that the strange little creation had secrets better studied than destroyed, and set his spies to tracking the Effigy instead.

Their reports showed that the Effigy was not an invader, a spy or some seditious lampoon of the Death Marshals. Bizarrely it seemed to be a Guild ally, trotting into the fray on sturdy legs, sword waving, the little boxwood coffin bouncing on its back in imitation of the Marshals it caricatures. Guild crews have come to think of Brutal as a mascot or good luck charm but their leaders know it is more: they can sense the knot of power within it and how it draws and shifts the currents to help the crew it has joined.

And still nobody knows what it really is, or really wants.

Plastic components.

1 Brutal Effigy
Stat Card

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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