YGO - Structure Deck: Cyber Strike

YGO - Structure Deck: Cyber Strike

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The second Structure Deck of 2021 featuring a theme chosen by fans of the game! 
• This Structure Deck is based on the strategies used by Zane Truesdale in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. 
• Zane begins the series with a Cyber Dragon deck, but later melds it with Cyberdarks 
• You’ve always been able to play the strategies separately, but it’s never been viable to combine the two like they’re used on TV – until now! 
• Many of Zane’s Duels were defined by Power Bond, a powerful fusion Spell that doubles the ATK of the resultant monster. Fans have long asked for a way to search this card out of the Deck, and this Structure Deck has created the perfect opportunity for us to provide them with one. 

Each Structure Deck is ready-to-play straight out of the box.

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