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Gangs Of Commorragh

Gangs Of Commorragh

  • R 600.00

Gangs of Commorragh is a standalone tabletop game in which two players control murder-packs of Dark Eldar Reavers and Hellions which fight against each other in bitter combat. It combines strategy, tactics and all-out violence to create a deep and tense gaming experience. Miniatures in this box can also be used in a standard Dark Eldar force.

This box set contains

  • 6 Dark Eldar Reavers
  • 10 Dark Eldar Hellions
  • Dice
  • A 24-page rulebook, contains rules for different types of gameplay, including basic skirmishes, larger battles and a detailed Campaign
  • 2 quick reference cards
  • Counters
  • 6 pieces of card scenery, representing the towering spires of this dark city.

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