Guild Ball: The Union - Decimate

Guild Ball: The Union - Decimate

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The woman known as Decimate is properly known as Svetlana Leonid Volstov III, a princess of Erskirii nobility. Born late in to a wealthy and influential family with no hope of succession, she quickly found a far more exciting life for herself in an organised and well-funded Brewer's Guild gang. Ever ambitious, she quickly rose to a place on the Guild Ball team, becoming Decimate the Duelist to her roaring fans. This all came to an end when a coup was staged within the guild by a rival gang, and Decimate was forced to flee following a failed assassination attempt. She now plays as a free agent for the Union, her flashing blades swirling in a dance of destruction.

This blister contains:
• 1X Metal 30mm Decimate Model
• 1X Decimate Stat Card

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