Infinity Operation: Red Veil - 2 Player Starter Box

Infinity Operation: Red Veil - 2 Player Starter Box

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In the commercial area of the Neon Lotus Orbital Station, Yu Jing and Haqqislam Spec Ops teams fight for data that could reveal a covert operation to manipulate and subvert the financial markets of the sphere.

This box contains all the miniatures, rules, and terrain you need to play Infinity: Operation Red Veil and introduce you to Infinity 3rd Edition.

Metal components.

1 Yu Jing Starter Pack
- 3 Zhanshi (Combi Rifle)
- 1 Zuyong Invincible, Terracotta Soldier (Combi Rifle)
-1 Tiger Soldier (Hacker)
-1 Hsien Warrior (HMG)
- 1 Ninja (Tactical Bow)

1 Haqqislam Starter Pack
- 3 Ghulam Infantry (Rifle + Light Shotgun)
-1 Zhayedan Intervention unit(Rifle + Light Shotgun)
-1 Murabid Tuareg (Sniper Rifle)
-1 Khawarij (Rifle + Light Shotgun)
- 1 Heavy Assault Al Fasid (HMG + Light GL)

Game Mat
3 Yu Jing Dice
3 Haqqislam Dice
Neon Lotus Scenery Pack
Markers and Templates
Full Color Tutorial Rulebook

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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