Malifaux Arcanists: Angelica

Malifaux Arcanists: Angelica

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The Mistress of Ceremonies at the Star Theater, Angelica has a talent for her role that can only be described as magical. Her presence on stage commands attention from the roughest crowds, and her trained voice can inspire tears or laughter as the situation requires. While she only appears on stage in between acts to introduce the next one, Angelica is as integral a part of the experience as Colette herself.

Angelica learned how to use her gifted voice at the feet of her father, a carnival barker. After his death, she spent years moving from location to location, her talent wasted on crowds only interested in her looks. In Malifaux, she auditioned at the Star Theater, and was hired by Colette immediately. Since then, she has become one of the senior members of the troupe. Even Colette gives way before Angelica's experience in arranging the acts of the show, allowing the Mistress of Ceremonies to create fantastic memories that draw crowds night after night.

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