Malifaux Arcanists: Gunsmiths

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32mm 'Heroic' Scale

The Gunsmiths are the troubleshooters for the Miners and Steamfitters Union. These men and women operate independent of most oversight, trusted to accomplish their assigned tasks with efficiency. They rely first on their reputation to diffuse situations, which often works. Even the4 hint of the presence of a Gunsmith is enough to send anti-union activists into hiding. Indeed, they prefer peaceful solutions, since this keeps the Arcanist influence in the Union out of sight and mind. If their reputation fails to keep things under control, the Gunsmiths will turn to the trade by which they are named.

Each Gunsmith builds their own weaponry from a base starting point, a pistol similar to the Guild Peacebringer. They modify the weapons to suit personal style and taste. Some Gunsmiths carry ornate weapons with reputations of their own. Others keep their weapons small and concealable, hiding them in plain sight. Even more than the custom weapons, the Gunsmiths use specialized ammunition, allowing them to take on a variety of threats.

Models are made of plastic.

2 Gunsmiths
2 Stat Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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