Malifaux Arcanists: Oxfordian Mages (3 Pack)   

Malifaux Arcanists: Oxfordian Mages (3 Pack)   

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The Oxford University of Metaphysical Studies occupies a strange gray area in the eyes of the Guild. While Oxford's teachings are contrary to the Guild's approved theory, known as the Thalarian Doctrine, the university is allowed to teach its students the theories of the method. Earthside, the theories are difficult to put into practice, so students are viewed as dilettantes. In Malifaux, however, the Oxford Method becomes a potent art. Because of this, the Guild heavily restricts the travel of graduates and students of the method through the Breach.

In the conflict between the Arcanists and the Guild, Ramos has searched for any advantage he can find. At great expense and risk, the Arcanists have smuggled many Oxfordian Mages into Malifaux. Here their unique training makes them versatile tools of the Movement. they can protect others using warding spells specific to the task, and have a wide array of elemental spells for offense. The peculiarities of the Method means that the Mages tend to work in groups, where they can cooperate to maximize their potential.

Plastic components.

3 Oxfordian Mages
3 Stat Cards
3 Upgrade Cards
- Blood Ward
- Doom Ward
- Nemesis Ward

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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