Malifaux Arcanists/Ten Thunders: Rail Crew (Mei Feng) Set

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Full of fire before she came to Malifaux, Mei Feng found herself with an even closer affinity for the element after passing through the Breach. Strangely, it was not the elemental fires that fuel many Guild or Arcanist creations that called to her, but rather the blazing heat of the forges. It was the fire of creation and, through it, Mei discovered that should could heat metal and bend it to her will, creating constructs with the grace of a tiger but skin as hard as steel.

6 Figures (Plastic)
- 1 Mei Feng
- 1 Kang
- 1 Emberling
- 3 Railworkers

Stat Cards
6 Upgrade Cards
- 1 Price of Progress
- 1 Vapormancy
- 1 Seismic Claws
- 1 Thunderous Smash
- 1 People's Challenge
- 1 Hard Worker

Figures are 32mm 'heroic' scale.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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