Malifaux Guild: Guild Hounds

Malifaux Guild: Guild Hounds

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32mm 'Heroic' Scale

Guild Hounds, big, powerful, well-trained and fearless, were one of the earliest weapons in enforcing the peace as Malifaux's population swelled. They tracked outlaws and escapees, faced down rioters and stood guard against human and inhuman threats alike. The Guild kennels became famous for their animals, and their hounds and handlers were respected and feared. And then, things started to get ... odd.

Nothing that comes to Malifaux escapes the creeping malignity of the place, and the Guild has bred generations of Hounds this side of the Breach - plenty of time for Malifaux to get deep into the animals' bones and souls. With each generation the Hounds get larger, faster, fiercer, and craftier, but wilder, more savage, harder to rein in. Breeders see pups turn on one another before they're even weaned, and grown Hounds eye their masters with a disturbing, mutinous gleam in their eye. And rumor says physical deformities are starting to appear: taloned feet, venomous fangs, prehensile tails, or rows of bone quills.

The Guild, of course, denies everything.

Models are made of plastic.

4 Guild Hounds

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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