Malifaux Neverborn: Doppleganger

Malifaux Neverborn: Doppleganger

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As long as people have dreamed, they have been terrified by their nightmares. These ghosts that lurk in shadows exist just beyond the thin veil that separates this world from another; nightmares are real. Humans have always had the subconscious ability to peer through this boundary, but with the opening of the Breach of the Great Barrier, man must now face the deadly reality of those nightmares, the Neverborn. The creatures that stalk the ruined city of Malifaux are terrible monsters that brutally prey on the newly arrived residents of this land. The Neverborn take many shapes, from the giant winged Nephilim to the small murderous Gremlins.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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