Malifaux Neverborn: Hide & Seek Dreamer Crew

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Unlike humans, Neverborn are not limited to a familiar shape. Many begin life as small creatures, barely larger than a child, and grow to become large beasts, terrifying in their capacity to cause harm. Others might seem like little more than children, but bear no greater desire to cause pain and suffering upon any who are taken in by them.

Models are made of plastic.

32mm 'heroic' scale.

1 The Dreamer
1 Coppelius
1 Lord Chompy Bits
3 Daydreams
3 Alps
9 Stat Cards
5 Upgrade Cards
- Dreams of Pain
- On Dreaming Wings
- Otherworldly
- Restless Dreams
- Tantrum

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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