MOTU Wave 5 - Evil Warriors faction

MOTU Wave 5 - Evil Warriors faction

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Escape from Eternia
Webstor is a master of escape who uses his stealth and expertise to outmanoeuvre enemies and evade capture. He is always looking for new allies to assist him in his evildoings. And are there any better candidates than Hover Robots? After all, they are advanced technological marvels equipped with state-of-the-art sensors. Together, they could pull off the greatest heists, Eternia will have ever seen! Bring your forces to life with these three new formidable characters poised to shake up your strategy and keep your opponents guessing.

Box contains:

- 1x additional rules
- 1x manual
- 3x character minis
- 16x cards
- 1x buff token

Models require manual assembly and painting

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