Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Boba Fett Villain Pack

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Boba Fett Villain Pack

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"He's worth a lot to me."

Bring relentless pursuit to your Imperial Assault game with Boba Fett, Infamous Bounty Hunter. The included "Soldiers for Hire" agenda set gives the Imperial player expanded options and a thrilling side mission to any Campaign. In addition, this pack contains new command cards and two unique skirmish missions for head-to-head play.

1 Plastic Figure
1 Rulesheet
2 Deployment Cards
- Boba Fett
- Explosvie Armaments

3 Agenda Cards
- Soldiers for Hire: By Any Means Necessary
- Soldiers for Hire: Predator and Prey
- Soldiers for Hire: No Disintegrations

3 Command Cards
- Capture the Weary
- Jump Jets
- Mandalorian Tactics

2 Skirmish Mission Cards
- Imperial Space Station: Data Run
- Imperial Space Station: Targeting Computers

1 Condition Card
- Weakened

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of the Star Wars Imperial Assault Core Set is required to play.

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