Warhammer 40K: Codex - Death Guard

Warhammer 40K: Codex - Death Guard

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This definitive Codex for all Death Guard collectors includes:

  • Background, history and origins of the Death Guard
  • Different Death Guard vectorium colour schemes, with a host of inspiring photography
  • 33 datasheets containing
    • Rules for every Death Guard unit
    • Rules for all Death Guard weapons and wargear
    • Rules for Battle-forged armies that include Death Guard detachments including:
      • Army abilities
      • 14 unique Stratagems
      • 6 unique Warlord Traits
      • The Relics of Decay
      • Contagion psychic discipline
      • 6 unique tactical objectives
    • Points values for all models, weapons and wargear for use in matched play games

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