02 Hundred Hours Jedburgh Team

02 Hundred Hours Jedburgh Team

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02 Hundred Hours expansion set

New models designed to work in a Partisan force. 

Jedburgh teams each consisted of three men: generally a British or American commander, a liaison officer who was native to the area (France, Belgium, Netherlands, etc) and a non-commissioned radio operator.

Their role was to meet up with the local partisan movement, assist them with planning and leadership, arrange supply drops of weapons and equipment, and coordinate attacks.

Their rules provide benefits for Partisans in the same force, and for this reason their Recruitment cards are included in the Partisan Resistance Cell box, not in this set. For example, the Jedburgh Liaison gives the Partisans 3 more Plan cards to choose from, while the Jedburgh Non-Comm allows you to give one Partisan the Spare Ammo card.

If you want to use them without Partisans then it's best to use the rules for SAS or RM Commandos.

The figures are armed with a Mk II(S) 'Silenced' Sten gun and M1A1 carbines (paratrooper model with folding stock).

This set contains:

  • 3 metal character miniatures:
       Jedburgh Officer
       Jedburgh Liaison
       Jedburgh Non-Comm
  • Bases

    NB. Recruitment cards are included in the Partisan Resistance Cell box, not in this set.

      Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included. Contents may vary from photos. You will need the 02 Hundred Hours Starter Set in order to play.

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