SS-18C - Airbrush Mini Compressor

SS-18C - Airbrush Mini Compressor

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The Supernova Studio SS-18C is a tankless desktop size airbrush compressor. Best value for money airbrush compressor in its class for sale in South Africa. Perfect if you are using an airbrush with a needle/nozzle size of up to 0.4mm. The fact that it does not have a tank makes it smaller and lighter, great if you need to take it with you. It also requires minimal maintenance as you don't have a tank to drain after your airbrushing session. Has two airbrush holders built in to the casing.

Reliable and quiet, there is no pulsing as the compressor has a high flow rate.

ModelSS-18C specifications:

  • HZ                  :50HZ
  • Power             : 180-440 mW
  • Flow               :23L/min
  • Auto start at  :3BAR(43PSI)
  • Auto stop at  :4BAR(57PSI)
  • Weight           :4.15kgs
  • Size                :370x170x240mm
  • Low Noise      : 47db 

A 12 month "Carry in" conditional warranty applies to this product. The warranty does not apply to defects due to negligence, wear and tear parts, misuse, abuse, accidental damage, modifications, lack of maintenance, improper wiring, unauthorized repairs, damage caused by lightning or power surges, goods used contrary to their instruction manuals and on batteries. 

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