Customeeple: Infinity - Status Tokens Panoceania

Customeeple: Infinity - Status Tokens Panoceania

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Official set of status tokens specially designed for Infinity the game and branded with the logo of the faction. Its rounded shape allows you to attach them to a standard infantry miniature base to mark his current status.

All the pieces come with the status carved, but they are also colour coded. This will help you to check the current status of the whole battlefield with a single look and you can choose the logo of the faction. Each colour marks one type of status:

  • Green-Prone ( 4 units)
  • Yellow-Unconscious ( 4 units)
  • Magenta-Wound ( 3 units)
  • Blue-Leader ( 1 unit)
  • Orange- Out of ammo ( 1 unit)
  • Iced White – Isolated (1 unit)

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