Dark Souls: The Board Game (TBG)

Dark Souls: The Board Game (TBG)

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Prepare to die in this brutally hard dungeon crawl miniatures game for 1-4 players.

Playing as an Assassin, Knight, Herald, or Warrior, you must work together to explore dangerous locations. Along the way, you'll discover valuable treasures and face numerous deadly enemies from the video game.

Learn their weaknesses. Defeat them. Upgrade your character. And get ready to face the final, unpredictable boss beyond the fog gate, controlled by clever AI...

What's in the box?

4x Player Character miniatures
16x Enemy miniatures
3x Mini Boss miniatures
3x Main Boss miniatures
9x Game board tiles
250x Cards
4x Character boards
All the tokens, terrain, dials, dice, and cubes you'll need to play!

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