Ariadna: Kosmoflot Support Pack

Ariadna: Kosmoflot Support Pack

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Sometimes the task of the Mekhaniks will be to prevent their ship from blowing up, and other times they’ll have to detonate things and open breaches so as to keep the momentum of a boarding operation, with the help of their Elektronik remotes. While the Strannik Outer Patrol must patrol and enforce the law where there is no other light than that of the most distant stars.

This box includes 4 miniatures: 1 Mekhanik with Submachine Gun, 1 Strannik (Doctor) with Submachine, and 2 Elektronik Remotes. This box is a great complement to provide specialized troops to the Kosmoflot force you started with the Operation: Crimson Stone Battle Pack


  • 1x MEKHANIK Minelayer (Submachine Gun)
  • 1x STRANNIK Doctor (Submachine Gun)

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