Haqqislam: Asawira Regiment (Spitfire)

Haqqislam: Asawira Regiment (Spitfire)

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  • 1x ASAWIRA (Spitfire)

The Asawira Regiment is a formidable attack force in the service of Haqqislam. A small group chosen from among them comprises the personal guard of the Shah. The remainder act as elite heavy troops and are one of the tools that keep the Hassassin sect under the supervision of the Haqqislamite High Command. They are equipped with the finest light powered armor on the market, provided with aiming and target acquisition devices and with the most efficient automedic systems. But beyond their equipment, the Asawira are a select unit, expert and very well trained. They fulfill all kinds of combat missions, be they aggressive or defensive ones. Their members are recruited from the Alamut region, where the climate and environment are so harsh that, without specialized medical attention, 70% of children would die before reaching adolescence. The Asawira are tough, arrogant, confident and brave men; a real race of warriors. Their military training emphasizes tenacity in attacks and a disdain for self-preservation. As an elite corps, they do not let themselves be killed any old way. They die as their reputation dictates and the expectation is it will not be until they have drawn rivers of enemy blood. Their skill as warriors cannot be compared with that of other elite units because they are, simply, superior to all of them. The word is that an Asawira can face in close combat any three expert fighters of the Human Sphere and he will come out victorious. Fighting and wining against superior numbers is the truest hallmark of the Asawira.


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