Battle Systems: Wizard's Tower

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Wizards and warlocks are not confined by the laws of physics when constructing their homes. These magical towers are often impossibly high, unusually shaped, and without any conventional entrance – perfect for performing clandestine arcane rituals.

This box contains everything you need to build a crooked wizard’s tower standing 16″ / 41cm tall, suitable for many 28-35mm fantasy and historical games. A true centrepiece for any table. The interior is fully detailed with a removable roof and upper floor, and there are lots of areas to place miniatures at different levels. The set comes complete with magical furniture and scatter terrain to accessorise your gaming table.

The terrain is supplied flat-packed on high-quality, high-density card, printed in full colour on both sides, so no painting required! The terrain requires assembly, and some smaller parts will require glue. Please see the Tutorial for more details and full instructions.

1 Wizard's Tower
  • 4 Tower Wall Sections
  • 6 Tower Struts
  • 3 Assorted Floor Tiles
  • 2 Sanctum Wall Sections
  • 7 Assorted Sanctum Struts
  • 4 Assorted Sanctum Beams
  • 4 Assorted Roof Sections
  • 2 Roof Clips
  • 2 Balcony Sections
  • 3 Railing Sections
  • 3 Bridge Sections
  • 4 Buttresses
  • 1 Hidden Door/Locking Clip
  • 1 Access Ladder
1 Ruined Tower
  • 4 Tower Wall Sections
  • 1 Tower Floor Tile
  • 3 Bridge Sections
  • 1 Staircase
1 Bookcase
1 Lectern
1 Desk
1 Enchanted Mirror
1 Scrying Pool
6 Assorted Chairs
95 Assorted Scatter Components and Accessories

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