Combined Army: Morat Aggression Forces (Sectorial Starter Pack)

Combined Army: Morat Aggression Forces (Sectorial Starter Pack)

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The constant state of war in which the Morat Supremacy lives provides an unequaled military experience. The long tradition of victories by the Aggression Forces gives all Morat regiments and units an absolute confidence in their martial capabilities. These capabilities are acquired by direct action and tested in the forge of fire and combat. The Morat are persistent in their attacks and show special capabilities for urban and night combat. Their characteristic brutality and violence qualifies them as exceptional storm troops without comparison in the Combined Army.

This box contains:

1 Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major (Combi Rifle + Heavy Flamethrower)

1 Oznat, Morat Hunting Reg.

1 Sogarat Tempest Reg. (Feuerbach)

3 Morat Vanguard Infantry (Combi Rifle)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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