Dungeons & Lasers: Wooden Cottage

Dungeons & Lasers: Wooden Cottage

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Home, sweet home.

Make yourself at home in this cozy, humble cottage. It's time to light up the fireplace and prepare the pot for a homely meal. Living in a small house outside the city, far away from all that urban hustle, brings so much peace to mind and soul. Unless you walk into a witch's hut... then you can expect anything.

 Built-in grid - Compatible with every RPG system

- Modular - Build your terrain in a flash

- High-quality sculpts - Indistinguishable from natural wood

- Double-sided walls- Looks amazing on the inside and outside.

 3x long floor tiles
- 3x regular floor tiles
- 3x doorways
- 3x long double-sided walls
- 6x regular double-sided walls
- 3xrr trims
- various clips and pins

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