Flames of War: Bagration: German (LW 100p A4 HB)

Flames of War: Bagration: German (LW 100p A4 HB)

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Flames of War - FW267 Bagration German Forces on the Eastern Front 1944

In 1944 the war in the east had become critical for the Germans. Determined defence, reinforced with local counterattacks, typified their fighting all along the front. Panzer division ‘fire brigades’ were rushed from one hot spot to another. German Generals such as von Manstein, Hube, and von Saucken showed expert skill holding back the Red Army against overwhelming odds, extracting their forces from encirclement, holding Soviet breakthroughs, and delaying the enemy advance at important bridgeheads. Fighting erupted all along the front as the Soviets launched Operation Bagration. From Narva in the north, through Byelorussia where the Red Army wedge hit the hardest, down to Romania and Hungary, the German fought for every inch of ground.

Bagration: German is a 106pg hardback book that gives you everything you need to field a powerful German force on the Eastern Front during Operation Bagration, 1944.

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