Infinity: Darpan Xeno-Station Scenery Expansion Pack

Infinity: Darpan Xeno-Station Scenery Expansion Pack

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The purpose of the research done at Darpan is to make use of the knowledge on alien biology gathered from the many Paradiso Offensives in order to develop innovative technologies that could prove beneficial for the human race. Its main goal is improve agricultural yield through the introduction of species hailing from systems outside the Human Sphere, both the ones brought here by Combined Army troops and those provided by allied Tohaa forces.

With this expansion pack you can complement and expand the scenery from your Operation: Blackwind or your Darpan Xeno-Station Scenery Pack.

This 3mm cardboard scenery pack, two-sided printed, includes an Objective room, two small buildings, a sniper tower, a console, two bridges, two staircases, an inner ladder, an inner walkway and a 24x32 inch paper gaming mat.

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