Malifaux 3E Guild: Dashel Barker/The Other Side: Samantha Thrace

Malifaux 3E Guild: Dashel Barker/The Other Side: Samantha Thrace

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Magic, steampunk, monsters, and soldiers collide to make the battlefields of The Other Side action-packed. In order to get you into the action sooner, every model in The Other Side comes preassembled!

The models in The Other Side are 32mm scale with high levels of detail, allowing painters plenty of opportunities to paint their Champions, Squads, and Titans in whatever way they wish.

Champions are awe-inspiring veterans that are capable of having a significant impact on the battlefield. These Champion boxes provide players with powerful and durable models to include in your company. When a Champion would suffer damage, they may choose to remove models from a nearby friendly fireteam instead.

Captain Samantha Thrace is a force to be reckoned with, often given command in troubled areas. While she may have trouble following the chain of command within the ranks of the guild, she is an awe inspiring sight on the battlefield, inspiring leadership and courage in her troops.

On the tabletop, Samantha Thrace is a powerful Champion, able to provide much needed tactics tokens to her allies along with her trusty Axe. 

This model is compatible with Malifaux Third Edition as Dashel Barker and the M3E Card is included in the box. 


  • Champion :  Samantha Thrace

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