Malifaux Guild: Excorcists

Malifaux Guild: Excorcists

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Sooner or later the news was bound to reach home that in Malifaux there were dead who would not stay dead. Even for a world long accustomed to magic, the news that that particular old fireside tale had come true was a chilling shock. The Guild works hard to suppress the ghoulish details and weed out unsavory travelers drawn in by them, but they've come to make exceptions for the self-appointed abomination-hunters known as Exorcists.

Exorcists were originally recruited, funded and trained like missionaries, although the fashion now is for firebrand preachers to form a congregational society specifically to equip them and send them through the Breach to battle the unhallowed dead. At first dismissing them as noisy nuisance, Guild policy changed when they saw the disarray and destruction the Exorcists' zealous aggression and blazing oratory could sow amongst the Resurrectionists' foot soldiers. So the Guild gave a collective shrug, studiously ignored the Exorcists' more extreme practices and began licensing them as its own agents. No sense in wasting a resource, after all.

Plastic components.

2 Exorcists
Stat Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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