Malifaux Guild: Pistoleros de Latigo

Malifaux Guild: Pistoleros de Latigo

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32mm 'Heroic' Scale

Ranches don't run themselves, and the Ortega family's sprawling fortified homestead of Latigo does a brisk hiring business in ranch hands, blacksmiths, tanners, carpenters, armorers, and all the folk needed to support the Ortega posse in the field, and to keep their home as self-sufficient as possible. Those who last under the punishing workload and Abuela Ortega's fierce scrutiny may earn the privilege of riding out as Pistoleros.

Released from their former labors, Pistoleros practice relentlessly and the Ortegas encourage them to outdo one another in feats of marksmanship, horsemanship, and strength. In town they adopt a swagger befitting those chosen to ride with the Guild's famous monster hunters; in battle they are an explosive combination of youth, skill, and reckless pride, determined to show that that swagger is no empty display.

The dangers of their work make for frightening casualties in their ranks, but every Pistolero buckles on their gun belt convinced that they will be the exception who earns a permanent place in the Ortega crew.

Plastic components.

3 Pistoleros de Latigo
3 Stat Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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