Malifaux Neverborn: Tuco

Malifaux Neverborn: Tuco

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The Ortegas are held up by the Guild as examples of humans unflinchingly fighting off the Neverborn menace. There is, however, one black stain on this record that the Ortegas refuse to speak of. Tuco Ortega was captured by Nephilim during a particularly aggressive raid and dragged away into the forests before his family could react. For weeks, the Ortegas searched for him, not realizing that Tuco had been carried out of their reach into the home of the Nephilim.

There, Tuco came face to face with Nekima. She demanded the Ortegas' secrets, torturing him near to death when he refused. Over time, the reports of Ortega attacks that gave him hope stopped coming. He only lived because of his stubbornness, and a shaman that prevent Nekima from killing him each time. Alone and abandoned, exposure to Nephilim magics and his growing hatred of other humans corrupted Tuco. He began to warp both physically and mentally. When he was unchained, he touched his newly grown horns, laughed maniacally, and swore revenge on his old kin.

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