Malifaux Outcasts: Hans

Malifaux Outcasts: Hans

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Whether they have been rejected by the power players of Malifaux or because they have their own individual agenda in the City, those not directly associated with the primary powers in Malifaux are known as Outcasts. It is impossible to outline a clear profile that identifies these individuals because each is distinct and must be considered separately.

Most of these Outcasts represent the lowest caste in Malifaux. Some of these unfortunate souls are able to beat out a meager existence as a petty crook or hired gun. A small few demonstrate talents or skills of note that allow them to climb from the gutter and exert their will upon the landscape of Malifaux intrigue.

Plastic components.

32mm 'heroic' scale.

1 Hans
Stat Card

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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