Malifaux Resurrectionists: Rafkin

Malifaux Resurrectionists: Rafkin

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As a boy, Thomas Rafkin was fascinated by the progression of a living, healthy body to a decayed and lifeless husk. He experimented secretly on stray animals, studying their slow deaths and decomposition. When he was accepted to medical school, he felt his calling was at hand. He soon discovered he was wrong; medicine was obsessed with futile efforts to preserve life. Rafkin knew this was temporary at best, and longed to study the ways to restore lost vitality to a body. He stole equipment and bought bodies from unscrupulous grave tenders, but still had learned nothing by the time he was discovered and expelled.

When he started work in the Malifaux mortuary, it did not take Rafkin long to discover his employer could also be his necromantic mentor. He spends his days perfecting embalming processes and running errands between the mortuary and coroner's office, the model of a studious worker. His nights are spent studiying Nicodem's magics, at last combining his expertly preserved bodies with his mentor's dark rituals for restoring life to the dead.

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