Perry Miniatures - Mahdist Revolt: Mahdist Ansar (1884)

Perry Miniatures - Mahdist Revolt: Mahdist Ansar (1884)

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The box contains 40 Mahdist Ansar, who fought the Eygptians and British between 1881-1885. They include command, six flags, info and painting guide, plus sand-colored unit bases. They're designed to be assembled as Beja tribesmen ('Fuzzy Wuzzies', early or late war) or the Kordofan and Nile Arabs, although customers might be able to use them for other Northern African peoples.

Heads and arms are separate, as are shields. There are options for rifleman as well as spears, sword and 'throw-stick' arms.

They are hard-plastic 28mm.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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