Q-workshop: St. Patrick Modern Dice Set: Lucky Charm

Q-workshop: St. Patrick Modern Dice Set: Lucky Charm

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St. Patrick's Day is a special holiday during which certain phenomena are easy to observe. People wear green and yellow colors, pin clovers to themselves, and wear specific hats. They drink green beverages, sing joyful songs, and celebrate in a friendly atmosphere, often in pubs and bars with an Irish setting. St. Patrick's Day is inextricably associated with Ireland and the leprechauns.

In Irish mythology, leprechauns are mischievous gnomes who, among other things, make shoes. Their most widespread, modern image is based on green clothing, a buckled hat, a red beard, an inherent pipe, and the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (as they're the stern guardians of extraordinary riches). Hence the color theme of the St. Patrick Modern Dice Set: Lucky Charm is green and yellow, like a leprechaun coat and the gold it protects!

Each dice has unique engravings: the Modern D4 has a four-leaf clover, and the D00 has the horseshoe – both symbols of good luck; on the faces of the D6, you will find a pot full of gold; there is a leprechaun's pipe on the D8, and his hat adorns the faces of the D10; the D12 carries the symbol of a mug full of frothy beverage; on the D20 you will see a symbol of a three-leaf clover, a shamrock in other words! Each dice also has tiny sparkles on its faces, symbolizing a truly magical power of attracting good fortune!

You will find all these symbols easily in RPG games – either as bringing good luck or at least announcing an extraordinary adventure!

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