Rampart Modular Terrain - Eternal Cathedral

Rampart Modular Terrain - Eternal Cathedral

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Assemble epic scaled tabletop terrain in a matter of minutes. Construct and build it differently every time you play. Disassembles quickly thanks to its use of wargaming-industry standard magnets (not included). Use The Sprue instead of magnets to connect the terrain features, we have designed them for that purpose in mind. Customize the theme of each terrain feature with the customizable bits and use it in any game you want as the scale fits all major titles.

Set contains:

4 x lancet - small walls
3 x lancet ruin - small walls
4 x reticula - small walls
2 x reticula ruin - small walls
2 x decorated - tall walls
1 x decorated ruin - tall walls
2 x rosetta - tall walls
1 x rosetta ruin - tall walls
1 x the gate - tall walls
1 x the gate ruined - tall walls
5 x stone stories
12 x floor supports
1 x stairs - additional part
1 x ladder - additional part
8 x chapel - plugs
16 x torch - plugs
13 x long gargoyle - plugs
12 x small gargoyle - plugs
6 x gargoyle - hood
4 x gothic peak - hood
2 x mecha-columns
4 x various statues
4 x various lanters - plugs
4 x core set extras - arch, column, hood, two types of tree branches

All parts come unpainted and unassembled.

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