SAGA Hero - Egil Skallagrimson (inc Rules Card)

SAGA Hero - Egil Skallagrimson (inc Rules Card)

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PLEASE NOTE: despite being a Viking, Egil may not be used by warbands that generate Viking Dice!

Well known Icelandic psycho and poet, Egil is now available with his own double-sided card containing background and rules for using him as a Sword For Hire in your SAGA games. Egil Skalagrimsson was an Icelandic adventurer and skald (poet) who lived in the 10th century and was the hero of his own saga. He became famous for his eloquence, his brutaliy and his knowledge of the power of the runes. His ill-temper became known quite early, when at the age of 7 he put his axe in the head of another boy, accused by Egil of cheating during a game. His behaviour and brutality led to his banishment. He sailed to England, where he served as a mercenary having incredible adventures and fighting countless battles. He died peacefully at the venerable age of 80, as wealthy as aking and as a legend in the Viking world. Pictured here is Egil from the personal collection of Lord S with a fantastic paint job by Mystic Spirals.

Comes with plastic base from Renedra.

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