SAGA Norman Hero - William The Bastard (1)

SAGA Norman Hero - William The Bastard (1)

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SHVA04 William The Bastard (1) Norman Hero

The William pictured here is the personal collection of Lord S's - not that he would be seen dead using Normans... and was painted by Mystic Spirals. William was the only son of Robert 1, Duke of Normandy and although illegitimate was designated as heir of the Duchy. At the death of his father he struggled against potential usurpers but demonstrated quite early a maturity in judgement and political skills that let him secure his position against his rivals, even the King of France. As the conqueror of England, William generates three SAGA dice at the start of each turn, instead of the usual two for other Warlords. William used elaborate tactics during his battles. Any unmounted warriors or Hearthguard units in William's warband may have bows. Bow equipped Warriors and Hearthguard have an Armour characteristic reduced by one (bow equipped Warriors have an Armour of 3 and bow-equipped Hearthguard have an Armour of 4) due to their lack of protection.

William comes with a plastic base from Renedra.

More rules for using WTB in SAGA are in the main Rulebook.

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