SAGA Viking Hero - Harald Hardradda

SAGA Viking Hero - Harald Hardradda

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Harald spent nearly ten years in the service of the Byzantine emperors during which time his legendary leadership, loyalty, matrial prowess and rugged good-looks ensure he quickly attained an enviable reputation. Unlike other Heroes of the Viking Age, Harald Hardrada only generates one Saga Die at the start of each of his turn. He may, at the start of the turn, take one or two FATIGUE to generate and number of extra Saga Dice equal to the number of FATIGUES taken this way. Harald was a BIG man so this figure is suitably imposing.

Comes with Renedra plastic base.

More rules for using Harald in your warband are in SAGA: Rulebook.

Supplied unpainted & unassembled.

Comes with separate plastic base from Renedra,

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