Q-Workshop: Steampunk Clockwork Black & White Dice Set (7)

Q-Workshop: Steampunk Clockwork Black & White Dice Set (7)

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The clock is ticking and you are running out of time. What are you going to do? A step ahead or back? It’s like a tango, but with an inexorable enemy. It doesn't matter what you do, because time still can catch you... Or maybe not? So suit up in the three-part tux, put the goggles, fire on your steam vehicle and use our seven-piece Steampunk Clockwork dice set to fight the destiny. See if the time can be stopped! Adamant Lords and Ladies never give up!

Steampunk Clockwork Black &White Dice Set - Like in old war movies, the world is black and white, with the domination of darkness. The war is cruel, and steam-powered machines try to destroy your world. These dice support the feeling that this time is last and every second is priceless. Don’t stop, don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid of darkness and fog from giant steam monsters that surround you…

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