Team Yankee: Mech Weapons Platoon

Team Yankee: Mech Weapons Platoon

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Includes one Milan Missile team, one AT-3 Sagger Missile team, one SA-7 Grail AA Missile team, three large six-hole bases and one plastic base insert sprue.

The Iraqis have spent many years working with Soviet equipment and manuals, learning the Soviet Army’s tactics and taking on many of their fighting methods. They had also fostered good trading relations with the West. France in particular had been willing to trade weapons and provide training to the Iraqi Army. Though the Iraqis did use the Soviet AT-3 Sagger suitcase man-portable anti-tank guided missile, the French also sold them the more effective Milan anti-tank guided missile systems. Anti-aircraft defence was provided by a SA-7 Grail SAM section.

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