TOS: Court of Two vs. The Guild Starter Box

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Magic, steampunk, monsters, and soldiers collide to make the battlefields of The Other Side action-packed. In order to get you into the action sooner, every model in The Other Side comes preassembled!

The models in The Other Side are 32mm scale with high levels of detail, allowing painters plenty of opportunities to paint their Champions, Squads, and Titans in whatever way they wish.

This is the starter box 


  • 24 Preassembled Minis
  • Tactics Tokens
  • Court of Two Fate Deck
  • Guild Fate Deck
  • Bases for The Other Side and Malifaux
  • Stat Cards for The Other Side and Malifaux
  • 2 Measuring Tapes
  • Quick Start Guide for The Other Side.
  • Sonnia Criid, Unmasked
  • Guild Mages (x3_
  • Gatling Gunners (x6)
  • Kirai Ankoku, Envoy of the Court
  • Ikiryo
  • Enslaved Spirits (x9)
  • Gwisin (x3)

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