VTES: 5th Edition - New Blood: Brujah

VTES: 5th Edition - New Blood: Brujah

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Clan Brujah were once great philosophers and feared warriors in vampiric society. In modern nights they are known as troublemakers, always quick to violence when words are not enough.

This deck relies on a combination of political shrewdness and Anarch tactics, and the supernatural strength and speed of your vampires will deter any opposition. 

Contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the deck.

Crypt (6 cards)
1x TBC (NEW)
1x Aline Gädeke
1x Valeriya Zinovieva
1x Leumeah
1x Brandon Grimes
1x Anita Wainwright (NEW)

Library (49 cards)
3x Brujah Debate
1x Celerity
1x Libertas
1x New Carthage
1x Oxford University, England
1x Powerbase: Los Angeles
2x Villein

2x Childe of the Revolution (NEW)
3x Line Brawl
1x Open War
2x Make the Misere
2x Public Trust

3x Consanguineous Boon
1x Disputed Territory
1x Neonate Breach

1x Stolen Police Cruiser

2x Bait and Switch
5x Organized Resistance
2x Protection Racket

3x Diversion
1x Disarm
4x Dust Up
3x Immortal Grapple
2x Taste of Vitae

Note: Cellophane wrapped only – no tuckbox.

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