Yu Jing: Guijia Squadron (TAG)

Yu Jing: Guijia Squadron (TAG)

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The Si Ling Squads are a prestigious unit, a source of pride for their military prowess in service of the nation. The Guijia machines of the State Cavalry are the best warfare tools devised by man to this day.

In days of yore, incorporation into an elite unit was a matter of lineage or rank, but not in the reality of Yu Jing where, thanks to Imperial socialism, only the best can join the best units, regardless of their birth. An aptitude testing programme carried out in middle schools selects young people with the potential to serve the State from the higher echelons of the military.

Models are made of metal.

1 Guija
- HMG Multi + Heavy Flamethrower

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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