Yu Jing: Imperial Service (Sectorial Starter Pack)

Yu Jing: Imperial Service (Sectorial Starter Pack)

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Yu Jing's Judicial Corps, in its authorized mission of protection and Law and Order enforcement, has a tactical wing for special tasks known as the Imperial Service. This section is the one in charge of carrying out tasks of internal defense, civil and military security, including anti-terrorist and anti-subversive actions. The Imperial Service is under the direct control of the Emperor, and is considered his representation on the streets or in battle. On the operational level, the armed wing of the Judicial Corps can act fully integrated into the organizational structure of the army or as an independent intervention force.

Models are made of metal.

3 Imperial Agents
- Missile Launcher
- Spitfire
- Boarding Shotgun

3 Celestial Guards
- Combi Rifle

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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