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SAGA is a vibrant, actively supported game with a huge variety of additional material available from Studio Tomahawk and Gripping Beast. The game also boasts a strong community constantly producing great new material - everything ranging from reviews and tutorials to variant rules, new factions and sometimes even entirely new games based on the SAGA system. This page collects some of the best of those resources. Let us know if you've found something great you think deserves a place in the list!

Official Stuff

  • Pandemonium Games - We are an official stockist of SAGA, and do our best to bring you a wide variety of great products. If there's a SAGA product you want that we don't have in our web-store, just let us know and we can add it to our next order from Gripping Beast.
  • Gripping Beast - English distributors and manufacturers of the official SAGA miniatures range, Gripping Beast has some of the best 28mm historical miniatures around. 
  • Studio Tomahawk - The designers of SAGA and a host of other fantastic games, Studio Tomahawk's site has lots of additional goodies you can download for your SAGA games - new warlords, additional factions and interesting rules variants. Go have a look! You won't be disappointed.
    PLEASE NOTE: The Studio Tomahawk website is currently undergoing a redesign. In the meantime, all downloadable game files have been made available at Studio Tomahawk's French Forum
    • Studio Tomahawk's English Forums - A great place to discuss rules, modelling and painting techniques, the history of the various time periods, etc. Of particular interest is "The Lab", a great place to look for interesting variants, alternate rules and novel new approaches to the game.
    • Studio Tomahawk's Blog - Studio Tomahawk is a French company, but many of their blog posts are bilingual, featuring both French and English sections. The blog is well worth a look, especially if you are interested in the thought-processes that went into the design of SAGA, along with Studio Tomahawk's other games.

    Community Resources

    • SAGA's BoardGameGeek page - BGG is a great place to find news, reviews, discussion and fan-created resources for all your favourite games, and SAGA is no exception.
    • How to Play SAGA, at RubbishInRubbishOut - A collection of tutorial videos by popular tabletop gaming vlogger Viv, this series starts at the very basics of putting together a warband, before taking the viewer step-by-step through the various aspects of a battle. A fantastic resource for people either getting into the game or deciding whether they'd like to get into it!
    • The Tapestry - Though sadly no longer updated, the Tapestry remains one of the best SAGA-focussed blogs around. Featuring detailed analyses on the various factions, battle reports, modelling and painting advice, and much more, a visit to the Tapestry is well worth your time.

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